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Itamambuca Beach


The Lodge Todos as Luas – Itamambuca Beach, is also one of the best restaurants in Ubatuba.


Before or after a long day of fun on the beautiful beaches and waterfalls of Ubatuba, relaxing in a Jacuzzi, enjoying a visual paradise in the treetops, is part of our guests' routine.


We offer different types of massages: relaxing, invigorating and therapeutic, always aiming to exceed our guests' expectations. Massages can be booked directly at our reception.

Yoga and Meditation

The Todos as Luas inn has a space designed for the practice of stretching, meditation and Yoga. On a charming wooden deck, surrounded by native trees, to the sound of birds, you will be relaxing surrounded by the Atlantic forest.

steam room

With several beneficial effects on health, our sauna is used by guests to complement their stay and be at peace, rested and in harmony.

bird watching

The Lodge and Restaurant Todos as Luas - Itamambuca Beach is located in one of the most preserved parts of the Atlantic Forest, so you can observe a great diversity of birds such as Tiê Sangue, Saíra 7 Cores, Maritacas, Gaviões and Canaries.


Lodge Todos as Luas is located on Itamambuca beach, within the SAI Condominium, which has easily accessible trails for walks with total safety.

Special Events

  • Honeymoon
  • wedding anniversary
  • Special events
  • Groups

All this and much more in a paradise beach in Ubatuba.


Lodge Todos as Luas offers fun for all ages, beside our restaurant we have a playground and a house for children to play while their families enjoy our gastronomic delights.

Bike Rental

You and your family can make the most of the natural beauty of Itamambuca and Ubatuba beaches, at the inn and restaurant Every moon you can rent a bike and take tours that will delight you, discover deserted beaches along closed trails, or simply stroll along the beach of Itamambuca.


Our saltwater pool is structured with stones of volcanic origin with therapeutic properties associated with healing and there are studies of benefits to the skin, ideal for relaxation. Its greatest depth is 1.60 and it has a kids area for the family to be together.


Family entertainment to enjoy moments of joy and relaxation

Surf Board Rack

Convenience for surf lovers.

What to do in Itamambuca?

Are you in doubt about what to do in Itamambuca? At our inn in Ubatuba, on Itamambuca beach, you will be 600 meters from the beach and will have several options for relaxation, as well as an excellent restaurant and all the care of our team.

Itamambuca beach in Ubatuba is one of the most sought after along the coast of São Paulo, Itamambuca has special pieces for each type of public:

Itamambuca Beach with the family

If you are looking for tranquility, few people on the beach and a calmer sea with a stream that flows into the sea, the best place for you is the left corner of the beach. The left corner of Itamambuca beach has large trees that provide a nice natural shade, making it an ideal place for children to play freely.

Partying and Surfing

The right corner of Itamambuca beach is the most disputed spot on the beach, where the busiest spots are concentrated, a surf school, kiosks and national and international surfing championships. Waves with power and constancy make the right corner of Itamambuca beach an ideal place for surfing, both for experienced athletes and for those who want to learn how to surf.

Endowed with a breathtaking view that the meeting of the river and the sea and the mountains in the background provide, the right corner of Itamambuca beach is one of the most charming and coveted spots in Ubatuba.

What to do in Ubatuba?

Not sure what to do in Ubatuba? Come to Pousada Todos as Luas and our team will help you make the most of the natural beauty and activities in our beautiful city.

Ubatuba is inhabited in only 20% of its entire territory, 80% of which comprises the exuberant Atlantic Forest, which hides beautiful trails, beaches and waterfalls.

We are in the largest and most conserved set of Atlantic Forest in the country and in terms of biodiversity, the Atlantic Forest is the richest forest in the world, sheltering an incalculable number of species of Brazilian flora and fauna. There are more than 200 species of birds and some of them are frequently seen inside the inn.

In Ubatuba there are several activities related to ecotourism, entertainment, culture, shopping and gastronomy.

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  • Popular beaches of Ubatuba
  • Deserted Beaches in Ubatuba
  • Ubatuba Islands
  • Boat Trips (Schooner, Sailboats and Speedboats) in Ubatuba
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  • Trails and Viewpoints in Ubatuba
  • Indigenous villages in Ubatuba
  • Quilombos in Ubatuba
  • Traditional Caiçaras Parties in Ubatuba
  • Ubatuba Aquarium
  • Tamar Ubatuba Project
  • Bikes – Montain Bike in Ubatuba – North trail tours (partnership – linking building)
  • Tour companies in Ubatuba (partnerships – linking building)
  • Gastronomy in Ubatuba

And much more

Make your check-in right now and enjoy our inn on the beach of Itamambuca!

The most beautiful beach near São Paulo